DIY Facial Toner for Healthy, Glowing Skin


What the heck are those things?

Total waste of money?

Total waste of time?

And the answer is bududududududududu (drum roll) NO!  Toners are great and super and a really good addition to your skin care routine. And here’s why –

1. Balances the pH level of your skin

2. Removes environmental toxins

3. Shrinks pores

4. Tightens skin

5. Reduces acne

6. Hydrates skin

Wow. all that packed into one little container!

I just started using toners less than a year ago because I had no idea what purpose they held. I used a couple different kinds I bought at various stores, but after doing some (a ton) of research I have concocted my wonderful beautiful toner. *cue wind chime/harp music*                                                                                                                         As you can tell, I love this stuff.

Basic ingredients packed with a whole lot of good stuff for the skin upon your darling little face. And no nasties whatsoever!

Apple Cider
– It helps make skin brighter and tighter— Skin is naturally acidic but when vinegar is used it reduces the skin’s acidity helping to balance everything out.                                                POW.

Witch Hazel– A natural astringent so it helps maintain oil, reduce pores, and brightens skin.                                                                                                                WHAM.

Tea Tree Oil– Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.                                    BULLSEYE.

Lavender Essential Oil– Calming, anti-bacterial, regulates sebum (oil), and reduces scarring.                                                                                                                                ZING.

Now, lets get to it:


2 tbs witch hazel

1 tbs apple cider vinegar (with the mother)

3-4 drops of tea tree oil

3-4 drops of lavender oil


mix all into a dark glass bottle.

shake each time before use.

use once in morning and once at night after washing !


Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy


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